Things To Know About Paving Contractors

As we learned from the groundhog recently, spring is nearly here. To most of us, that is good news. For commercial paving contractors in Minnesota, Wisconsin and all over the upper Midwest it means time to get to work. The cold winter temperatures give way to the warmth of spring typically causing damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces. It is inevitable in the harsh and brutal temperatures of the upper Midwest. Don’t blame the commercial paver that paved your shopping center’s lot. Blame Mother Nature and call your contractor to come have a look at the damage. Most paving contractors will provide free consultation and a free estimate to repair or re-surface the damaged lot. If you don’t know of a paving contractor for the job, here are just a few rules of thumb to follow to find the right one.Go to our paving contractors website for more info

First of all, you want to find a paving contractor with experience and an honest reputation. As a property manager or owner of a commercial property, it may be a good idea to develop a network of contractors inclusive of a paving contractor to come to your rescue when damages or problems occur. Perusing the internet for a professional paver in your neck of the woods is helpful in finding your local contractors and by using referral sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List, you can confirm a the company’s reputation. Of course, the Better Business Bureau is always a safe bet for finding a professional and honest commercial paving contractor.

Another thing to consider is just how bad the damage to your lot is. If you suspect the time has come to re-pave or surface the lot, it is advisable to contact several commercial paving contractors for estimates. Many established paving contractors will provide free consultation and job estimates. Be sure that your lot is clear of debris such as snow piles, dumpsters or whatnot. In order to provide an accurate estimate, ALL of the damage needs to be seen. Gather three to four estimates and thoroughly investigate the services offered by each company. Often, professional pavers do not offer excavation services to remove the old battered asphalt or concrete and you’ll have to either hire another contractor to perform the excavation or trust the paver to choose a reputable company to perform the task. Most commercial paving companies have a list of sub-contractors for the job and a rare few offer excavation in their services.

If a one stop shop is your style of business, you will likely do a little more searching before you find the right paving company. As mentioned, few offer a full service package, although there is the rare case of a paving company offering the full gambit, from excavation and paving to curbs and striping. Once you’ve located the ideal paving contractor, now the only things left to consider are cost and scheduling.

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