Start a Lawn Care Business – Info

Start a lawn care business and turn your enthusiasm and energy into profit. A growing demand for lawn care services plus low start up costs make this a good small or home business opportunity. Here are the basics for starting your own lawn care service.

Equipment and Commitment
These are what you need to start a lawn care business. You can start small and purchase more equipment as your business grows. Provide a basic lawn care service initially and add in more services as you develop a solid customer base and increase your equipment. Basic equipment to begin with includes a mower, blower, trimmer, rake, broom, edger and safety goggles, gloves and boots. You have to be able to transport your equipment to lawn care jobs so a trailer or van is necessary.

Commitment is what will set your lawn care service apart from the competition. Showing up on time and when promised and providing a quality service will already put you ahead of most small lawn care services. Maintaining a professional image will ensure your reputation grows and more business comes your way.You can find out more: lawn care software

Keep it Legal
Get the necessary business license from your local city or county office. Register your business name. Get insured. Lawn care business insurance will not only inspire confidence in potential customers it will protect your business.

Lawn Care Advertising
Getting your first lawn care jobs will probably be your biggest challenge when you start a lawn care business. Create good promotional material to distribute to your target market. Business cards are one of the best marketing tools and are easy and inexpensive to make. Reach your potential customers directly using lawn care flyers and door hangers. Use online classified sites to advertise such as Craigslist and List your services in an online lawn care directory. People use these directories to find lawn care help in their area. Approach realtors and property management companies directly with your promotional material. They are an excellent source of lawn care jobs.

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