Office Window Cleaning Contractors Hiring Guide

While cleaning an office has its hazards, window cleaning contractors face even greater risks to their safety. And, the risk increases as the building climbs higher. You don’t want accidents to happen while contractors are cleaning your windows because of the damages that could result to the cleaner and his or her family. Plus, a serious accident such as a fall would be a traumatic event for the victim as well as everyone witnessing it. Thus, you should always use office window cleaning contractors that have the highest standards of safety. Workplace regulations in London require that occupants of commercial buildings provide safe access for window cleaners. An occupant could be subject to criminal penalties for failing to do so. Here are a few areas for you to evaluate concerning the safety standards of these contractors Check Over Here for More Info

Has the contractor conducted a risk assessment of the hazards for your office? This involves someone from the contracting company walking through the inside and outside of your office and looking for any potential safety incidents. All hazards should be clearly stated in a written document along with the measures to be taken to prevent any accidents occurring from them. In London, if no risk assessment was completed then you along with the contractor could be held liable for any damages resulting from a safety incident.

The window cleaning contractor should have a safety policy. Without one, it is unlikely that safety standards will be practiced consistently. There should also be a periodic training program in place by the contractor for awareness and education on the specifics of the policy.

The priority should be that cleaning windows should first be accomplished from the inside. Cleaning at heights from the outside should never be the first choice. Your office might have windows that slide or swing open and are accessible enough for a cleaner to wash the inside and outside panes without ever having to scale the exterior of the building.

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