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Gardner R. Dozois: The Year’s Best Science Fiction

Gardner R. Dozois The Year’s Best Science Fiction 1-34 The Year’s Best Science Fiction is a series of science fiction anthologies edited by Gardner Dozois. The series, which is unrelated to the similarly titled Year’s Best SF series, is published by St. Martin’s Press (Griffin). In the UK the series is entitled The Mammoth Book […]

Arthur C. Clarke collection

Arthur C. Clarke collection 2001: A Space Odyssey: On the Moon, an enigma is uncovered. So great are the implications of this discovery that for the first time men are sent out deep into our solar system. But long before their destination is reached, things begin to go horribly, inexplicably wrong… One of the greatest-selling […]

Lisa Unger collection

Lisa Unger collection Beautiful Lies: Ridley Jones sets out on a quest to unlock the secrets of her murky past after the faded picture of a man, woman, and baby girl is delivered to her door with a note asking “Are you my daughter?”. If Ridley Jones had slept ten minutes later or had taken […]

Annette Blair collection

Annette Blair collection A Veiled Deception: The right dress can be magic; the wrong one–murder! Madeira, Maddie, Cutler, vintage clothing lover, and New York fashion designer, comes home to help plan her sister’s wedding. At the engagement party, the ‘Jezebel’ trying to steal Sherry’s fiancé is found strangled with a bridal veil, making Sherry the […]

Richard Marcinko: Rogue Warrior series

Richard Marcinko: Rogue Warrior series The Real Team tell it like it is: How highly motivated individuals come to the Teams, how they train, and how they fight in the four corners of the globe. The Real Team From the sea, from the air, or from the land � SEAL Teams attack the enemy from […]

Michael Carroll collection

Michael Carroll collection   The Awakening: Ten years ago in a great battle, superhumans vanished – died or lost powers and blended back into society. But Danny and Colin 13 are changing. Danny moves at the speed of light, Colin is surprisingly strong. Their parents, the lost generation of superhumans, have watched and waited for […]

Marita Conlon-McKenna collection

Marita Conlon-McKenna collection The Magdalen: The wide open spaces of Connemara, filled with nothing but sea and sky, are all lost to Esther Doyle when she is betrayed by her lover, Conor. Rejected by her family, she is sent to join the ‘fallen women’ of the Holy Saints Convent in Dublin where, behind high granite […]

Steve Robinson collection

Steve Robinson collection In the Blood: Two hundred years ago a loyalist family fled to England to escape the American War of Independence and seemingly vanished into thin air. American genealogist Jefferson Tayte is hired to find out what happened, but it soon becomes apparent that a calculated killer is out to stop him. In […]

W.E.B. Griffin: Honor Bound series

W.E.B. Griffin: Honor Bound series October 1942. At a secret rendezvous point off the coast of neutral Argentina, a small merchant ship delivers supplies to Nazi submarines and raiders. The OSS is deternined to sabotage the operation by any means necessary. But one of the key saboteurs they’ve enlisted–a young U.S Marine–must fight his own […]

Clare Mackintosh: I Let You Go

Clare Mackintosh: I Let You Go A tragic accident. It all happened so quickly. She couldn’t have prevented it. Could she? In a split second, Jenna Gray’s world descends into a nightmare. Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh. Desperate to escape, Jenna moves to […]

Stephen Aryan collection

Stephen Aryan collection Stephen Aryan – Age of Darkness 01 – Battlemage (v5).azw3 Stephen Aryan – Age of Darkness 02 – Bloodmage (v5).azw3 Stephen Aryan – Age of Darkness 03 – Chaosmage (v5).azw3 Stephen Aryan – Age of Dread 01 – Mageborn (v5).azw3 Stephen Aryan – Of Gods & Men (v5.0).epub Battlemage: I can command […]